SLc Original

The Tool for Pre-Cut DSAEK

SLc Original

The Tool for

Achieve sub 100 μm grafts:

  • in One Pass
  • using only one DSAEK head
  • in a repeatable, fully automated process

The Gebauer SLc Original is the essential transplant workstation, simplifying lamella preparation to produce a defined lamellae thickness from every donor cornea.

The Components of the
SLc Original

SLc Original Hand Piece, Artificial Anterior Chamber and Doc Assistant

SLc Original Console and Footswitch

The Widest Range of Heads and Cutting Depths with Single-Use Heads.

Unique hands-free cutting experience where precision meets simplicity with flexibility, U-T DSAEK / DSAEK.

Easy Setup and Assembly

The SLc Original features the Click-and-Go principle with the following advantages:

  • Ensures the shortest preparation time
  • No errors in the setup process
  • A quick user-friendly learning curve for all technicians
Step 1

Single-Use DSAEK head pack

Step 2

Align DSAEK head to hand piece

Step 3

Slide head onto hand piece

Step 4

Click into position

Step 5

Remove head holder

Step 6

Successful assembly

Precise DSAEK lamellae between 80-100μm in one hands-free pass.

Graft Thickness Calculator App

Do you want to calculate your graft thickness?

Get Gebauer’s Graft Thickness Calculator:
1. Select donor’s cornea thickness
2. Choose the necessary graft thickness to determine the proper head size to use.
Grafts thinner than 75μm are not recommended.

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